As you know, at Mid-Illini, our priority is to help you build a solid financial foundation, and that starts with saving money.

To afford the boat, the house, the vacation, or the retirement you want. Do more with our pennies than throw them in a change jar.

So we make saving simple. 

Call our Member Services team at 309.661.1166, ext. 4255, and start saving today!

Learn more about our CDs & Certificates and IRAs and view our higher rates.

Savings Accounts

  • Open for just a $5 deposit
  • Become a member-owner at Mid-Illini
  • A minimum $5 balance in this account is required to maintain your Mid-Illini membership
  • Earn dividends each quarter

Christmas Club Savings Account

Did you overspend on Christmas this year?
Don't let it happen again!

Open your Mid-Illini Christmas Club Savings Account today!

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  • Open at any time of the year.
  • Withdraw money any time you want.
  • Earn quarterly dividends!

Don't be a Sad Santa next Christmas!

  • Set up direct deposit from your paycheck into your Christmas Club account
  • Get paid twice a month? Deposit $50 from each paycheck this year
  • Start now, and by December 1, you'll have $1,100 CASH to spend on Christmas

A debt-free Christmas! It's the best gift of all, from your friends at Mid-Illini.

Round Up Savings

Saving money is easier than ever at Mid-Illini with the Round Up savings account!

Here's how it works: You make a purchase with your Mid-Illini Visa Rewards Debit Card

Need $20 worth of gas? But you ran over and spent $20.02? 
Happens to everybody, right? We'll take $21 from your checking account and deposit the difference into your Round Up Savings Account Pay the $20.02 to the gas station AND THEN deposit 98 cents into your Round Up Savings Account!

There's no downside, and you can't lose, so sign up today and watch your money add up faster than you ever thought possible. 

If you could save $30 a month without even trying, at the end of the year, you'd have over $360 (with interest) to help pay for Christmas presents or a winter getaway - or whatever else you want.

Quick. Easy. Painless.

You're going to spend the money anyway, so let us help you save it!  Sign up today!