The Mid-Illini Credit Union Visa Rewards Debit Card: It looks like a credit card but works like a check. Over 80% of US consumers have a debit card. More people conduct more business using debit cards than by writing paper checks.

Here at Mid-Illini, we give you what you want, when you want it, so we’re pleased to offer the Mid-Illini Visa Rewards Debit Card*. Versatile and convenient, use your card at the ATM or the store, as a debit card (with a PIN) or like a credit card (sign for purchase).

Download your Debit Card application.

FREE UChoose Rewards program with all Mid-Illini Debit Cards!

To make sure you get what you want when you want it, we offer the FREE, value-added UChoose Rewards program to everyone who uses their Mid-Illini Visa Rewards Debit Card.

Just register your card at www.uchooserewards.com, then every time you use your card, say "credit" and sign for the purchase.

You’ll automatically earn one rewards point for every $2 you spend; then you can trade your points for merchandise, gift cards, services and tons of other stuff.

Best of all, points accumulate whether or not you’ve registered your card, so if you’ve been using your Mid-Illini Visa Rewards Debit Card for a while, but haven’t registered for UChoose yet, chances are there are reward points just waiting for you on the website, so register now and maximize the benefits of your Mid-Illini membership!

*Transactions made with your Mid-Illini Visa Rewards Debit Card are withdrawn from the available balance in your checking account. If the funds in your account are insufficient to cover the amount of your purchase, the transaction will be declined. To avoid this inconvenient and embarrassing situation, qualified Mid-Illini members can opt-in to the Overdraft Courtesy  Protection (ODC) here, and agree to let Mid-Illini cover your debit card overdrafts up to $500. Fees and limits may apply. Read the Mid-Illini Discretionary Overdraft Protection Policy before you sign up. Checking accounts, free debit cards, and ODP protection are available to qualified members. Credit score must be 600 or better to qualify.

Electronic transactions daily limits:

  • ATM transactions are limited to $500 per calendar day.
  • Debit card transactions are limited to $800 on any business day.
  • Signature transactions made with your debit card (when you say ‘credit’ and sign for your purchase) may not exceed $1500 on any one business day (per each checking account).
  • If communication systems are disrupted, daily offline transaction limits will apply.

Certain account types may be subject to lower daily transaction limits.

Lost or stolen debit cards? Call 800.472.3272 immediately and report your lost or stolen card!

Then call Mid-Illini Credit Union at 309.661.1166, ext. 4255 and let us know so that we can de-activate the missing card and issue you a new one.

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