The Mid-Illini Credit Union Visa Rewards Debit Card: It looks like a credit card but works like a check. Over 80% of US consumers have a debit card. More people conduct more business using debit cards than by writing paper checks.

Here at Mid-Illini, we give you what you want, when you want it, so we’re pleased to offer the Mid-Illini Visa Rewards Debit Card*. Versatile and convenient, use your card at the ATM or the store, as a debit card (with a PIN) or like a credit card (sign for purchase).

Download your Debit Card application.

Electronic transactions daily limits:

  • ATM transactions are limited to $500 per calendar day.
  • Debit card transactions are limited to $800 on any business day.
  • Signature transactions made with your debit card (when you say ‘credit’ and sign for your purchase) may not exceed $1500 on any one business day (per each checking account).
  • If communication systems are disrupted, daily offline transaction limits will apply.

Certain account types may be subject to lower daily transaction limits.

To activiate a new card or change your PIN, please call 855.472.3011 .

Lost or stolen debit cards? Call 800.754.4128 immediately and report your lost or stolen card! Or when outside of the US, call collect to 727.227.9012.

Then call Mid-Illini Credit Union at 309.661.1166 and let us know so that we can de-activate the missing card and issue you a new one.

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