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New Spam Scheme! Members Beware!


The latest attempt to steal your personal financial information is more sophisticated than ever.

This time around, the spammers address an e-mail to "Dear Account Holder" (or something generic like that), and then they say that your wire transfer, direct deposit or ACH payment or other electronic transaction is "on hold" or "could not be processed." Then they offer a link you can click on to fix the problem.

If you see an e-mail with a subject line that says "transaction on hold" or "ACH payment" or something similar, DO NOT open the e-mail. DELETE IT! If you choose to open the e-mail, DO NOT click on any links within.

Mid-Illini Credit Union and other reputable financial institutions WILL NOT EVER use e-mail to contact you about a problem with a transaction. We have your phone number, and we will call you, verify your identity, and then work together to resolve the issue.

We want you to have a safe and happy holiday season, so please don't fall for this scam. If you have any questions about your electronic transactions or your MICU accounts, please call the credit union at 309.661.1166 and ask.



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