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Rates are subject to change without notice. To view our most current rates - which are our lowest and available subject to qualification - click here. 


What does  'Locking in' a Mortgage Rate mean? 

Locking in refers to an agreement made between you (the borrower) and Mid-Illlini (the lender). For a designated time period, we will 'hold' the prevailing interest rate for you - to allow time to  find a home to purchase, get appraisals,  etc. The agreement protects the buyer against a rise in interest rates during the lock period. 

Securing a 'rate lock' is highly recommended when interest rates drop as they have recently. 

The agreement does have some provisions. The home purchase must be completed within the lock period, for example. Changes to your application may also invalidate the lock in. Your Mid-Illini Mortgage Specialist will go over these details with you. 

Rate locks are available to qualified buyers on home purchases and on refinancing your current home. 


Do I have to be a Member of Mid-Illini Credit Union to secure my mortage there? 

Yes! But no worries. Membership is easy, free to most people (and only $1 to everyone else) and includes some awesome benefits. For information on joining Mid-Illini, click here. 


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*All loans are subject to approval and rates are determined by qualifications, etc. Additional information is required to 'lock' your rate. This form is considered an inquiry and does not imply approval of a loan and does not - alone - lock in your mortgage rate. Rates are always subject to change without notice, The rates listed on this website may have changed since posted. The $200 Cash Back Bonus is a limited offer and will expire 3/31/2020. Please contact Mid-Illini with questions by calling 309.661.1166.