Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2018

Service Fee
Account History Printout (per month) $1.00
ATM Deposit Fee (non-MICU machine) $2.00
ATM Withdrawal at MICU Machines FREE
ATM Withdrawal (at any non-MICU machine - hosting fee) $1.00
Visit the Alliance One website to find surcharge-free ATMs in our network
Box of checks (depends on style) Varies
Cashier's Check $3.50
Check Cashing (Insufficient Account Balance) $3.50
Copy of Check (per check) $2.00
Print copies of your checks for free when you use MICU's convenient, FREE online banking service.
Foreign Deposited Items
(drawn on a bank in another country)
Garnishments, Citations, Tax Levy and
Child Support Collections
Inactive Online Bill Pay (no activity for 90 days) $7.00
Inactive Checking for 180 days
(balance under $100, fee is per month)
Inactive Savings for 180 days
(balance under $100 and over 21 years old with
no loan for 90 days, fee is per quarter)
Incorrect Mailing Address (return mail - per piece) $10.00
IRA Transfer Request (to another trustee or custodian) $10.00
Incorrect Tax ID Number (annual) $50.00
License Plate Stickers $6.00
Loan Origination Fee: Consumer Loan $20.00
Loan Origination Fee: Second Mortgage and HELOC $50.00
Loan Origination Fee: First Mortgage $100.00
Money Order for 50+ Club Members $1.50
All Other Money Orders $2.50
MICU Cash Card Prepaid Debit Card $6.00
See the complete list of friendly, affordable
MICU Cash Card  Prepaid Debit Card disclosures, terms and conditions here.
Money Market Maintenance Fee
(if average daily balance falls below $2500 per month)
Money Market Maintenance Fee
(for more than six withdrawals per month)

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees: per year/per NSF item

1st overdraft $20.00
2nd and 3rd overdrafts (each) $30.00
4th and 5th overdrafts (each) $35.00
6th or more overdrafts (each) $40.00
Notary Fee (for non-members, per stamp) $1.00
Online Bill Pay (person-to-person) $3.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee $10.00
Remote Deposit Capture (per transaction) $   .50
Replace lost or stolen ATM or Debit card $10.00
Replace Loan Payment Book $15.00
Returned Loan Payment or Deposited Item (each) $25.00
Savings Account Electronic Withdrawal
(if withdrawals exceed six per month)
Secure Checking Protection
(individual protection, per month)
$ 4.95

Secure Checking Protection
(household protection, per month)

Skip-A-Pay $40.00
Statement Copy/Tax Form Copy $ 3.00
Stop Payment $35.00
Teller's Checks
(if less than $1000 and payable to a third party; per check)
$ 2.00
Teller's Checks
(if payable to self or another financial institution)

Telephone Payments
Phone payment fee is $3 per every $100 of the payment.
Minimum fee is $15.00

$15.00 minimum
Telephone Transfer (per month) 4 FREE
More than 4 Telephone Transfers (per month, each) $1.00
Verification of Deposit Request $2.50
VISA Gift Card $5.00
Wire Transfer - Incoming $10.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing $25.00
Wire Transfer - International (plus cost) $50.00