CUTIE 24/7 Telephone Banking


CUTIE telephone banking

As McLean County’s most convenient credit union, we’re here for you anytime.


Can’t get to your computer?
On the other side of town?
Just call CUTIE!

Dial 309.661.0156 or call 800.552.2741 toll free from any phone and follow the easy prompts.

You can download the new transaction codes here, or use this chart for easy reference:

CUTIE transaction codes

CUTIE lets you:

  • Verify account balances
  • Request a check to be picked up or mailed
  • Transfer money from one account to another
  • Find out how much interest you’ve paid on your
  • Check dividend earnings
  • Get current tax information

All you need is your account number and PIN.

Don’t have your PIN?

You can just stop in and sign up!