In these uncertain times, we want you to be secure in the fact that Mid-Illini Credit Union has your back. 'Diifferent is Better' is more than a tagline for us. It's a motto we live by; now more than ever. 

From the Board of Directors, to the President, CFO and Leadership Team; Operations, Loan Services, Marketing, Member Services...all positions are held by LOCAL PEOPLE. We know our market and we know our members and understand their needs. 

Our ability to be fluid and to take action quickly is critical in situations like this one. Our Leadership Team made the prompt decision to offer additional SKIP-A-PAY opportunity to alleviate financial pressure for our loan holders and we were able to get that information to members through email communication.* More information will be arriving in loan holders malboxes in the next few days.

Also included in that mailer will be information on the HARDSHIP RELIEF SIGNATURE LOAN program. As with all of our direct loan programs, all lending decisions are made LOCALLY which allows us to make decisions and fund loans more quickly. Which matters; now more than ever. 

If you are facing financial hardship, we have several options available to our members seeking relief. 


Skip-A-Pay allows qualified loan holders to 'skip' a payment. Normally offered twice per year, we have added this ADDITIONAL opportunity at a reduced fee. (The Summer and Holiday Skip-A-Pays will still be offered!)  For information and qualifications, please click on the appropriate link below. 


  • Individual account holders, click here.
  • Joint account holders, click here.


Facing a loss in income and/or an increase in expenses? To help you feel more financially secure through this situation, we have developed a special loan program with fair rates and manageable terms. 

For information and to apply for a FINANCIAL HARDSHIP RELIEF SIGNATURE LOAN, Click here.