Prepaid Debit Cards

Manage your money with a MICU cash card

The MICU Cash Card:
Safe. Secure. Prepaid.



The MICU Cash Card
Makes Managing Your Money Easier!

Now the power to manage your money is in your own hands with the MICU Cash Card!* Simply load your card with the funds you want, spend it, and reload it again - anytime.

Load the card now. Add money to it anytime.

Our prepaid debit card helps you manage your money because it's pre-funded. That means you can only spend the amount on the card. The prepaid debit card comes with an online management tool so you can track your spending just by checking your computer.

Want to spend more? Then add more to the card. When the card is running low on funds, just reload it by going to the CU Money online management tool (money available to use in 3 business days) or visit any MICU location and we'll load it for you (money available to use in 3 HOURS). You always know how much you've spent and how much is left on the card.

Avoid being overdrawn. Eliminate overdraft fees.


Since you can't spend more than you've loaded on to the card, you'll never be overdrawn. That means no overdraft fees. No embarrassing mistakes. Our prepaid debit card is also very safe. That's because it's not linked to any account - so if it's lost or stolen, you won't have any risk. And it's much safer than carrying cash.

Before you can load it - order it!

To receive your prepaid debit card, contact us now. Discover unlimited convenience while staying within your limits.

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Prepaid Debit Card Fees

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*Minimum $5 Mid-Illini Credit Union membership required to participate in this program. The MICU Cash Card (officially called VISA Travel Money) is administered by the Illinois Credit Union League Service Corporation (ICUL). The minimum amount that can be loaded onto the card is $100 and the maximum amount cannot exceed $5000.