MICU Switch Kit

The MICU switch kit makes it easy to switch over to our services.

Are you ready to join MICU now? Are you just waiting because you’re afraid it’s too much trouble to change? Well, wait no longer!

It’s super easy to make the change with the easy-to-use MICU Switch Kit.

Change everything in five easy steps:

  1. Open a savings account at MICU for as little as $5.
  2. Then open a checking account for as little as $25.
  3. Switch your direct deposits and automatic deposits, using the “Authorization to Change Direct Deposit” form on page 2 of the Switch Kit.
  4. Change your automatic payments and withdrawals, using the “Authorization to Change Automatic Withdrawals” form on page 3 of the Switch Kit.
  5. Close your accounts at the other financial institution, using the “Authorization to Transfer Funds” form on page 4 of the Switch Kit.
  6. Transfer your credit card balances to your new MICU VISA card, using the “Authorization to Transfer Credit Card Balances” form on page 5 of the Switch Kit.

The MICU Switch Kit also offers a convenient checklist, so you can be sure you remembered everything. Welcome to MICU, where different is better and we appreciate your business!

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Membership is open to anyone who lives or works in McLean County, is related to a current MICU member, or would like to join the Mid-Illinois Dollars for Scholars Foundation.

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