Cross Marketing Promotions

Everyone is looking for the best way to promote their business and grab potential customers' attention.

At MICU, we don't have a magic bullet, but we are pleased to offer cross-marketing promotional opportunities to our company partners.

We meet lots of new people as we welcome new MICU members every day.

They leave happy, with a new savings account, checking account or money to buy something they really, really want.
Everyone gets a welcome package full of MICU info - and all the disclosures that come with their new accounts.

We can include your message, too.

After all, credit unions are all about people helping people. Around here, savers help borrowers, borrowers help savers, and we encourage members to help each other.

While we'd never share members' personal information like names and addresses and phone numbers (we won't share yours, either), we're happy to include a letter from your business, a brochure, maybe a magnet - we'll share your Facebook messages on our Facebook page, we'll tweet about you, connect with you on LinkedIn and You Tube and even feature a link to your website from ours (as inventory allows).

We want you and your business to succeed, and we'll help you as much as we can. So contact our Business Development department at 309.661.1166, ext. 4242 and ask about cross-marketing promotions for our company partners. Just another benefit for you, from MICU.

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