What's With the Zebra?

Here at MICU, we support lots of community events. We go out and about. A lot.

We meet lots of people. Kids, adults, grandparents, college students - we meet all kinds of people.

Interestingly, they all have the same question: What’s with the zebra?

So here’s the story:

We use the zebra as our mascot because of the animal’s association with loyalty and protection, two philosophies that we embrace.

Zebras run together in herds to offer one another protection from predators. For example, a hunting lion cannot pick one zebra out of the herd, because the zebra stripes confuse the lion and he cannot tell the zebras apart clearly enough to choose just one to attack.

This behavior aligns with the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.”
Because of our status as a member-owned cooperative, we use depositors’ money to lend to borrowers, and the interest we make from people who borrow from us goes to pay dividends to our depositors.

It’s our members offering protection to one another, just like in the herd of zebras.

It is also a fact that zebra family groups are stable, and maintain strong bonds throughout their lifetimes. MICU has been serving McLean County families for over 70 years - since 1940 - and in fact, some of our members’ families have been with us for 3 generations.

Finally, every zebra in the world has its own pattern of stripes – much like each human has their own fingerprints. So while we recognize the fact that no two zebras are exactly alike, we embrace the fact that all of our members are different, so we tailor our products and services to meet each member’s unique needs and circumstances.

So yeah, we’re different. Seriously – who ever heard of financial institution with a zebra for a mascot? But the zebra represents what we’re all about. We’re different from the other guys. And different is better.

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