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Make your holidays happier with Skip-A-Pay from MICU!

To reward our established loan customers, Mid-Illini offers our Skip-A-Pay Program on qualified loans* twice each year.

Each year during the holiday season (and again during the summer), qualifying MICU members have an opportunity to skip their loan payment for November or December and again for either June or July.
There is a $30 fee** for each payment skipped and interest will continue to accrue.

Click here to see our current Fee Schedule

Want to know if you qualify?

If you meet these qualifications, chances are you're eligible for the Skip-A-Pay program:

  • You have no MICU loan payment that is 30 days past due.
  • You haven't had a MICU loan payment that is 60 days past due in the past 6 months.
  • You haven't already used the Skip-A-Pay Program 6 times on your loan.
  • You've made at least 6 payments on your loan already.
  • You have more than 6 payments left to make on your loan.
  • Your savings and checking accounts are not in a negative status
    (exceptions can be made if you're using overdraft privilege protection).
  • Your $30 Skip-A-Pay fee is paid at the time of application or those funds are on deposit at MICU.
  • You paid last month's loan payment.

Click here for a Skip-A-Pay application form, or call our Skip-A-Pay coordinator at 309.661.1166, ext. 214.

Important info about the Skip-A-Pay program:

  • NOTE: credit card, mortgage and home equity loans do not qualify for the Skip-A-Pay program.
  • The $30 Skip-A-Pay fee does NOT apply toward the interest or the principal on your loan.
  • No telephone or prior approvals will be made.
  • Fill out and send in the form to apply for the program.
  • You may or may not be notified when your request is approved.
    • To see if your request has been processed, log in to your online banking account and check the next due date on your loan under the 'details' tab.
  • You WILL be notified by phone or by mail if your request is denied.
    • If denied, your $30 fee will be returned or left on deposit, if that's how you paid it.
  • All request forms MUST be complete and received (not postmarked) prior to the end of the month for the payment you want to skip or the request WILL NOT be processed. Please allow at least 14 days for mail time and processing. These requests are processed in the order they're received, regardless of the payment due date.

*Credit card, mortgage, and home equity loans do not qualify under the Skip-A-Pay Program.
**$30 fee does not apply toward the interest or principal of the loan.


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