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General Questions

Questions And Answers

How can I become a member?

Membership is open to anyone who lives or works in McLean County. If you don’t live or work in McLean County, you can join if one of your relatives is a Mid-Illini member. If neither of those conditions apply, join our select associated group, the Mid-Illinois Dollars for Scholars Foundation. Make a donation of at least $1 to the Foundation, which funds annual scholarships for high school students who attend school in McLean County. Then you’ll be eligible for MICU membership too! 

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Why doesn't my ATM / check card work?

The most likely reasons:
  1. You don’t have enough money in your savings or checking to cover the credit transaction
  2. You tried to withdraw more than the $500 daily limit
  3. Your card may have become demagnetized
  4. If you're late on a MICU loan payment, your card may have been deactivated. (We'll re-activate as soon as your loan is current again).

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How much are checks going to cost?

You get 50 free checks when you join. After that … there are a variety of options and prices. 

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How do I order checks?

Most of our members just use the reorder forms that come with your first check order. You can also stop by the credit union and ask one of the tellers to help, print this order form and mail or bring it in, or click here to order online. If you prefer, you can call Harland-Clarke directly at 877.585.8777.

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When will my checks clear?

As soon as they are presented for payment. 

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How much does it cost to open a MICU account?

You can join the credit union just by opening a $5 savings account.
It takes just $25 to open a Simply Stripes checking account.
Our interest-bearing checking account, Platinum Stripes, requires a minimum balance of $1000.
The minimum balance for a Money Market account begins at $2,500.
Share certificates (CDs) can be purchased with as little as $500. 

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When are statements issued?

Members with MICU checking accounts receive monthly statements. Savings account statements are mailed quarterly.

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What's my used car worth?

Many factors can affect the value of a used vehicle, but to get a general idea of the approximate value of your used car, truck, van or SUV, visit www.nada.com and search for your vehicle.

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If I forgot my online banking password, what do I do?

On the online banking log-in screen, just click on the link that says "Forgot password?" The system will e-mail you a temporary password and you can change it again next time you log in. If you don't see the e-mail right away, check your spam filter.

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How much can I withdraw with my ATM card?

You can withdraw up to $500 per day from qualified MICU accounts. A 'day' is from 12:00 am until 11:59 pm. Different withdrawal limits apply to Checking Lite accounts. If communication systems are down, an off-line limit of $100 may apply.

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How many accounts can I have?

As many as you need. Members often have different accounts for different purposes. Just remember if a member has account balances of less than $100, no loans and does not conduct at least one transaction every six months, there is a $10 inactive account fee per account number.

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What is the grace period on loans?

Ten days for consumer loans; 15 days for mortgage loans.

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Do you offer payroll deduction?

Yes. If your employer agrees to direct deposit payroll checks here, you can fill out a card at work as long as your entire check is being deposited. If you distribute the total amount to different MICU accounts, you need to come to MICU to sign the card. 

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How do I change the amount I have designated for my direct deposit?

If your entire check is to be deposited into one MICU account, fill out a direct deposit card at your workplace. If you want to distribute the total amount to different MICU accounts, you need to come to MICU to sign the card. 

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How do I wire money to someone?

It's best to call us at 309.661.1166 if you need to wire money to someone or if you need to receive a wired transaction. We'll be glad to give you complete instructions.

At the least, you'll need to know the routing number of the sending institution (if you're wiring money from a Mid-Illini Credit Union account, our routing number is 271176103), and the name, address and routing number of the financial institution you want the money sent to, as well as the recipient's name and account number.

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Is there a fee for cashing checks?

MICU only charges a $2.50 fee if your account doesn’t show a balance totaling at least ½ the amount of the check. 

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Why is the interest payment on my loan different from month to month?

Interest is computed daily on the unpaid principal balance. Each time a payment is made, the balance changes and so does the interest payment. 

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What are the closing costs for mortgage loans?

Homebuyers will pay about $1200 in closing costs. 

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What are the closing costs for home equity loans?

Closing costs are about $200 for a Home Equity Loan. 

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Does MICU do mortgage loans for rental properties?

No. We only finance owner-occupied residences. 

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Does MICU do commercial loans?


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What information is needed to apply for a mortgage?

Bring pay stubs covering the previous 30 days, the previous two years’ W-2 income tax forms. If self employed or a commissioned employee, bring federal tax returns from the previous two years and the past three months statements for any deposit accounts (checking, savings, mutual funds,etc.) 

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What information is needed for a home equity loan?

Bring your two most recent pay stubs. If you are a self employed or commissioned employee, bring federal tax returns from the previous two years.  

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What information is needed to apply for an auto or vehicle loan?

Bring your two most recent pay stubs or federal tax returns from the previous two years. Also provide the car’s make, model and vehicle options. 

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Is there a cost to join MICU?

No. Unlike other financial institutions that charge you a non-returnable fee of $25 to $100, Mid-Illini only requires $5 to open your savings account. That $5 “share” remains in your account and will be refunded to you if you no longer choose to be a member. To avoid an  inactive account fee, simply make a transaction every six months OR maintain a $100 balance in a MICU account OR use a credit card or loan product. We told you it was easy! 

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When I use my debit card, what’s the difference between debit and credit?

If you choose a credit transaction, no PIN is required and you sign for your purchase. You can use your card to make purchases as long as you have sufficient funds in your checking account (or are covered by MICU’s Discretionary Overdraft Protection (ODP) Policy) and are within the daily transaction limit of $1500. When you use your debit card to make purchases and say "credit," you also earn FREE UChoose Rewards points that you can trade for services and merchandise at your favorite retail stores, or when you shop online.

If you choose a debit transaction it’s like writing a check. You must enter a PIN and you can make purchases up to $800 in any one day (a 'day' is 12 am - 11:59 pm). However, you don't earn FREE UChoose Rewards points when you use your PIN instead of signing for your purchases.

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Do savings accounts have minimum balances?

Credit union membership requires members to maintain a $5 “share” in their regular savings account.  To earn interest in that account, a member needs to maintain a $100 balance.  A Money Market, IRA, or Share Certificate (CD) will require a member to maintain a higher minimum balance.  

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What’s a Credit Union?

A credit union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, organized to promote thrift and provide credit to members.

It is member-owned and governed by a board of directors elected by the membership. The board serves on a volunteer basis and may hire a management team to run the credit union. The board also establishes and revises policy, sets dividend and loan rates, and directs certain operations.

The result: members are provided with a safe, convenient place to save and borrow at reasonable rates at an institution which exists to benefit them, not to make a profit.


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Who owns a credit union?

Most financial institutions are owned by stockholders, who own a part of the institution for the express purpose of making money from their investment. A credit union doesn't operate that way. Rather, each credit union member owns one "share" of the organization. The credit union member is also an owner, and is even entitled to vote on important issues, such as the election of member representatives to serve on the board of directors. 

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How did credit unions start?

The first credit union cooperatives started in Germany over a century ago. Today, credit unions are found everywhere in the world. The credit union movement started in this country in Manchester, New Hampshire. There, the St. Mary's Cooperative Credit Association, a church-affiliated credit union, opened its doors in 1909. Today, one in every three Americans is a credit union member. 

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What is the purpose of a credit union?

The primary purpose in furthering their goal of service is to encourage members to save money. Another purpose is to offer loans to members. In fact, credit unions have traditionally made loans to people of ordinary means. Credit unions can charge lower rates for loans (as well as pay higher dividends on savings) because they are not-for-profit cooperatives. Rather than paying profits to stockholders, credit unions return earnings to members in the form of higher dividends, lower loan rates and improved services.

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Are savings deposits insured?

Yes. Your MICU accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA, the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the federal government. For more information, visit the NCUA Share Insurance Tool Kit.

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Who can join Mid-Illini Credit Union?

Membership is open to anyone who lives or works in McLean County, is related to a present member, or becomes a member by joining the Mid-Illinois Dollars for Scholars Foundation.


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i am a current customer. looking to purchase a forclosed home at auction feb 28th if possible. need to know do you provide bridge loans to pay for te forclosed home until i would be able to sell and close on current primary property.

We offer Home Equity loans that enable you to take cash-out of your primary residence.  You could then use the proceeds to purchase the other property. If you have more specific questions, please contact Chelsie in our Mortgage Lending department. You can reach her directly at 661.1166, ext. 209, or send her an e-mail at chelsie@midillinicu.com.

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I cannot find my book to write my statement each month for my car loan. Can I get a new one? Or should I just send my check with my account number?

We'll be happy to order you a new coupon book, since that book is mostly for your records. Contact terri@midillinicu.com and she'll be happy to help you out. Until then, mailing in a check with the loan number on it is sufficient to get the payment applied correctly.

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I am wanting to apply for a personal loan to be able to consolidate all of our credit card debt.Our credit score maynot be very high will this affect how much we can borrow. We are wanting to pay off all balances on the cards to have just one payment

It's a great idea to consolidate your debt. You can usually save money, as interest rates on personal loans are generally lower than on credit cards. We can help most people, so please call Terri at 309.661.1166, ext. 222 or e-mail her at terri@midillinicu.com to see if we can help you, too.

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Is there any way to find out how much balance is left on my current vehicle loan? I know I get a statement about once a year, but I'm just curious, I know I have about a year or so left on the loan, but want to keep track of things. Thank you!!

If you'd like to keep track of your MICU loan balance, the best way is to sign up for FREE online banking. That way, you can log in anytime you want to see how things are going. We also offer a 24/7 telephone teller service called CUTIE. You can download the online banking sign up form here. Or you can always call us at 309.661.1166 to check your balance.

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Was looking at opening an account but am a person who requires a lot of weekly change $100s of $ worth. Is this a problem to order boxes of change. Also does this bank carry any half dollars or if I can order them. Would want this to be main bank.

Thanks for the great question! We CAN order boxes of change for you as needed - half dollars, too - as long as we know in advance. Please send your contact phone number via a direct e-mail to marketing@midillinicu.com so we can contact you privately and discuss the best way to meet your specific needs.

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Cant use my debit card with my pin number.

If you're experiencing difficulties with your debit card, please contact our Member Services department directly. Just call 309.661.1166.

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How many times can you skip a car payment or can you apply for a loan for Christmas?

If your loan is in good standing and meets certain conditions, you can skip a payment once during the summer and once during the holiday season. For more details and to find out if your loan is eligible for the Skip-A-Pay program, just call our office and ask to speak with the Collections department.

Of course you can apply for a loan to help with holiday expenses, too. We usually set those up as signature loans. You can even apply online!

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I applied for a personal, if I do not get approve for it can I just skipped my car payment for November?

Thanks for your question! To be eligible for Skip-A-Pay, your loan must meet certain terms and conditons. Please call our Collections Specialist at 309.661.1166, ext. 214 to discuss your specific situation.

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i want to pay my car payment online how do i do it with a checking acct from another bank? and can i deposit car payment in atm machine?

Your best bet is to log in to your FREE MICU online banking account and sign up for online bill pay. That will set up an automatic payment from  your checking account every time  your payment is due. Alternatively, you can set up an ACH withdrawal - that will also set your loan payment up for an automatic payment. Just contact Member Services at 309.661.1166 to make the arrangements.

MICU ATMs are not set up to receive deposits.

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I currently have a auto loan and need the date the payment is due changed. How do I go about doing that?? Can I do it online if so where??

We're always happy to help our members, and we'll do our best to make your payments due on a date that works best for you. There are some regulations we have to follow and every situation is unique, so please call 309.661.1166 and ask to talk to one of our friendly loan officers. We're here to help!

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I don't know my membership number to join online banking. I would think just the social security number would be enough. I don't want to have another number to remember. how do i join online banking without my membership number?

MICU's FREE online banking service is easy to use and helps our members manage their money wisely. In most cases, your member number is your primary account number, but if you're not sure what number to use, just call our member services department at 309.661.1166. They'll walk you through the sign-up process for online banking - it only takes a minute.

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I have some documents that require my signature to be notarized. Do you provide this service for members and if so what is the cost?

Mid-Illini Credit Union is pleased to offer FREE Notary services to our members.

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What is the minimum amount I need to keep in my checking account?

The answer depends on which of our checking accounts you're asking about. For our Checking Lite (second chance checking) accounts, we ask that you keep a minimum balance of $25. For Platinum Stripes (interest bearing checking), your average daily balance needs to stay over $1000 to earn a dividend. With a MICU Money Market account, an average daily balance of at least $2500 is required to earn a dividend. Simply Stripes (regular checking accounts) do not require a minimum balance.

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I can't remember my online banking user login or password. What do I do?

Just call the credit union at 309.661.1166 during regular business hours, and ask for someone to help you reset your password. After we verify your identity, it should only take a minute.

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Would I be able to acquire a refinance mtg loan with a 610 credit score with the credit union?

Loan approval is contingent upon a number of factors, not just your credit score and is considered on a case-by-case basis. To find out about your specific situation, please contact our Mortgage Lending department directly. You can reach them via e-mail at homeloans@midillinicu.com. Thanks for your inquiry.

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The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts from Oakdale Elementary would like to have Moe the Zebra make appearance at their Family Fun Night. How can we request his appearance? Thank you,Ra'Nelle Hartless309-452-0009

To arrange for Moe the Zebra to make an appearance, please contact our marketing department at 309.661.1166, ext. 213. We'll check Moe's schedule and let you know if he's available for your event!

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I would like to pay for my auto loan online rather than mailing the payment in..However I do not see the auto loan on my account. How can I arrange to make payments online?Thank you.

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Is there a way to pay my car payment online?

If you have a MICU checking or savings account, you can arrange for payments to be automatically withdrawn and applied to your auto loan. If you don't have a MICU checking or savings account we suggest you open one - but until then, you can set up an ACH withdrawal from your checking or savings account at another financial institution. Download the "ACH Authorization Form" here. If you have more questions, please contact memberservices@midillinicu.com.

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what is the limit of amount of money that can enter my account and how many digit is Mid-Illini Credit Union bank account number

All deposit accounts at Mid-Illini Credit Union are insured up to $250,000 by the National  Credit Union Administration, and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. All routing numbers for US financial instutions have 9 digits. Our routing number is 271176103. If you have any other questions, please contact memberservices@midillinicu.com.

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What is the process for requesting a contribution for a non-profit event?

Please send information outlining the event and who will benefit from it to marketing@midillinicu.com.

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What is the routing number?

MICU's Routing Number is 271176103. That number is always available on the home page of our website.

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Do you redeem Series EE Treasury Bonds?

We do! You can get more information about redeeming your Series EE bonds here.

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I am a member at MICU and want to enroll for online banking, but I don't remember my member number. How do I find that out? Is it the same as my account number?

Your member number and account number are the same, and that's the number that you should use to set up online banking. If you need any other help with the process, please contact us at 309.661.1166.

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I currently have a savings account with you guys, my husband is in prison and is not on my account but i have a power of attorney for him I have filed our taxes and want to get is direct deposit into my account,what do i need to do to have this done?

Someone from the credit union will contact you with more information.

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If someone wrote me a check from your bank, I am not a member - can I cash it there and what is the fee?

If you'd like to cash a check written on an account here at MICU and you're not a member, we'll still cash it for you. You'll need to provide a valid ID and phone number, and come in to the lobby rather than through our drive-up, though. As long as sufficient funds are in the member's account to cover the amount of the check, we'll be happy to cash it for you. (And invite you to become a MICU member, too!).



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Can I deposit checks using ATM machine?

MICU-owned ATMs are not equipped to take deposits. You can make an after-hours deposit in the night-drop box at either of our locations, 1811 Eastland Drive or 801 W. Market Street (on the north side of the Mount Pisgah Baptist Church building). Our remote-deposit capture app, which will allow members to deposit checks just by taking a picture of the check with your smartphone, is currently in beta and should be available soon.

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Not a member yet but planning on joining & having my paycheck direct deposited bi-weekly. I have poor credit but am trying to improve it. Would I have the opportunity to obtain a Visa Credit Card? And if so would it need to be a secured one? Thanks!

Thanks for your interest in becoming a MICU member! We specialize in helping people improve their credit scores, so you've definitely come to the right place. As to whether you'd be immediately eligible for a VISA credit card, that depends on a number of individual variables, so please contact consumerloans@midillinicu.com to discuss your particular situation.  We'll be able to give you a direct answer once we know a little more about your unique circumstances.

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